The La Chambre smoke house offers a unique gustatory experience.

Smoking is an age-old way to ‘cook’ food, that appeared as soon as man gained command of fire.
The smoke considerably reduces micro-organism activity and destroys germs.
Often preceded by salting, smoking is highly appreciated thanks to the naturalness of its fat-free cooking mode and to the organoleptic qualities it proffers: exceptionally tender cuts and unique aromas.
Our choice of slow smoking, using different woods, offers the added advantage of preserving all the vitamins and nutrients of our meat and fish, which are also scrupulously selected.

And because the true pleasure of eating also rimes with healthy food, discover our smoked pollack, braised cod with soup herbs, picanha beef and pork ribs, cold-smoked for at least 4 hours.


Child menu
A la carte menu
Group menu : between 22,50€ and 40,00€

Mean(s) of payments : Carte bleue, Debit cards, Cash, Eurocard - Mastercard, Tickets restaurants


Capacity : 200

Pets allowed : yes


Start date : 01/01/2020 - End date : 31/12/2020
Monday09:00 to 22:30
Tuesday09:00 to 22:30
Wednesday09:00 to 22:30
Thursday09:00 to 22:30
Friday09:00 to 22:30
Saturday09:00 to 22:30
Openning days : Sunday