Discover the joys of go-karting at the Karting de Caen in Démouville. 3 tracks to try your hand at high-speed from age 7 years up.

The Karting de Caen welcomes you to a unique site in Normandy offering 3 FFSA-certified tracks. An "SMS-TIMING" system has been installed on 3 flat screens to enable both drivers and less adventurous spectators to keep an eye on time and distance whilst enjoying the panoramic views over the tracks.
Test the Karting de Caen's 3 tracks on one of our 45 go karts for adults and children:
- Monaco: 550 metre 270cc cc (9hp) go karting track
- Monza: 800 metre 390 cc (14hp) go karting track
- Jean Pierre JAUSSAUD: 1,100 metres 390 cc (14hp) go karting track

Budding drivers from age 7 years up on the Monaco 120cc go karting track.
Also at your disposal: cafeteria, panoramic mezzanine floor, meeting rooms...
During school holidays: Go-karting driving technique courses for children and teenagers.



Pets allowed : no, no

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