Chloé cuisine en vert - cooking classes and creativity Adults Creative, natural and gourmet cooking classes. I help you find your own style to eat intuitively with joy and awareness using seasonal and organic products. Then, we taste together the recipes concocted for a precious moment of sharing and discussion. Price: €75 per person (4 hrs) - lunch starter main course dessert and detox water included Children 4/14 years old Workshops for children to express their creativity in the kitchen. Starting from the same basic dish, everyone can choose the format and garnish - anything goes! We also have fun blind tasting ingredients drawing seasonal fruits and vegetables and tasting them together. Price: €20 per person. (1hr 30) - creation to take away Price: €35 per person (2hrs 30) - lunch and local apple juice included Parent child Come and share a delicious time with your children. You will concoct recipes that the children like and that you can easily redo at home with your family. Then we eat together around a nice table. Price: €95 per parent child duo (3hrs) - lunch included starter main dessert and local apple juice included Reservation and payment in advance



Pets allowed : no