The public garden of Bayeux is a landscaped park covering 2.6 hectares, created in 1859 by Eugène Bühler. Among its 400 tree species, the 'weeping beech' is undoubtedly the most spectacular;

it is a protected monument since 1923 and was certified a 'Remarkable tree of France' in 2001. An integral part of Bayeux's fine heritage, its 'discovery' trail comprised of information terminals, provides the key to a comprehensive understanding of the garden and its most important plant species, over an unaccompanied tour.




Age : 6-12 years
With the family : yes
Pets allowed : no


Start date : 01/11/2019 - End date : 28/02/2020

Start date : 01/03/2020 - End date : 31/03/2020

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