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Guided tour of the Abbaye aux Hommes



Founded in 1066 by William the Conqueror, the St. Stephen’s Benedictine Abbey in Caen was consecrated in 1077. The 18th century monastic buildings, which comprise the cloister, wainscotted halls adorned with paintings and the Guardroom, now house the Caen City Council. William’s tomb is in the abbey-church.
From July 12th to August 31st, english guided tours are organised.

Port du masque obligatoire.


Base rate : 6,50 € (In case of temporary exhbition)
Base rate : 5,50 €
Base rate : 5,00 € (Exclusively available at the Caen la Mer Tourist Office)


Randonnées : Guided tour
Pets allowed : yes


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