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Seulles Terres et Mer Tourist Office
Cultivating freedom.
With a genuine passion for natural areas, fine stone architecture, seaside activities, water sports and history and heritage, join us in Seulles Terre et Mer to cultivate our freedom.

Come and discover this area where authenticity rimes with liberty.

In the heart of a preserved natural coastal area, along the meanders of a pathway, or amidst the gardens of a castle, here, a real sense of serenity is yours to discover and enjoy.

A land of history. Age-old history, that of castles and stone-built village houses awaits you on the meanders of the River Seulles.
The area is also steeped in other great pages in history, those of newfound freedom thanks to the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy.
The story of the men and women who, over the centuries have occupied these lands, from Neanderthals to Knights, from quarrymen to millers, from liberators to today’s free populations.

Here ‘cultivating freedom’ is a way of life.



Languages spoken : English Spanish


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