FRAC (Regional Contemporary Art Collection) Normandy - Caen



The Normandy Regional Contemporary Art Collection (FRAC) in Caen has, since 1983, compiled a contemporary art collection that now boasts over 1,200 works. Thanks to new exhibition areas, the FRAC proposes a programme of in-house exhibitions, events and studio tours. It is also continuing to disseminate its collection throughout the region.
Encounters at the FRAC offer an opportunity to meet with those currently at the forefront of contemporary creation.

L'accès au Frac Normandie - site de Caen nécessite la présentation d'un pass vaccinal dès 16 ans et la présentation d'un pass sanitaire de 12 à 15 ans. Le port du masque et le respect des distanciations sociales restent en vigueur.



Pets allowed : no


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