Explore one of the most beautiful beech groves in France located close to Lyons-la-Forêt, a village listed among the most beautiful ones in France. To take in the enchanting atmosphere of the forest of Lyons, fall under its spell. The biggest forest in Normandy (11,000 ha) makes an impression with its "cathedral beech grove", its open high forest, one of the most beautiful ones in France. This high forest consists in thousands of beech trees with trunks reaching up to 45 metres high. With its numerous walking trails, this forest is an ideal place for a walk. It also houses the Bordins Arboretum which gathers over 8 ha 85 species divided into two collections: trees from the world and forest stands. In Lyons, some trees are more than 350 years old. Besides the majority of beech trees, there are also some hornbeam, oak and resinous trees. Be careful, before you leave, check the hunting season dates on the website of the French National Forest Office:


With the family : yes
Pets allowed : yes