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Following William the Conqueror's footsteps



A stroll steeped in history! As you take to this route, you will also join a share of the high road, the Roman way that crosses the Caen plain, following in the footsteps of William the Conqueror, who passed here many many years ago! Further along your way, by the Fond de Bayeulle, you will cover what was once a German airfield, in 1944. If you keep a watchful eye, you may even notice an old bunker in the middle of a field, near the Quesnay wood. A journey into the heart of the farmlands which, long since shaped by man, have preserved the indelible marks of human occupation.

 28 - Sur les traces de Guillaume WEB
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Walks and hikes : Full-day walks, 10.5, Easy
Difficulties of the journey : Easy


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