Etape 9 La Chevauchée du Pays d'Auge à la Seine : Manneville-sur-Risle - Aizier



Starting from Falaise to reach Jumièges, this new 265 km itinerary crosses the Auge country to link it to the Seine. It runs along the Risle valley and offers you an immersion in the land dotted with stud farms where the horse is king

Stage 9 : Manneville-sur-Risle - Aizier
The Pont-Audemer region, stretching along the Risle valley to the Seine estuary, is committed to the protection of wetlands and their biodiversity. Thus, since 2014 the site of the Marais Vernier, the Risle Maritime and since 2018, the city of Pont-Audemer are labeled RAMSAR. Pont-Audemer is the gateway to the Marais Vernier, a precious and preserved natural site. It is an ancient city of tanners with a typical medieval town center, where half-timbered houses, old hide drying sheds and private mansions, with their feet in the water, rub shoulders with stone bridges and canals, witnesses to the history of the city.

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