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Espace Musée Charles Léandre



The Charles Léandre museum continues to charm visitors thanks to the originality of its museographic presentations.

Discover the works of the caricaturist and painter Charles Léandre (1862-1934), collections by Norman artists, together with temporary painting and sculpture exhibitions. The museum's third floor is entirely devoted to local heritage. Its innovative scenography retraces the history of the old town and its industrial tradition, also offering an insight into its famous figures. A poignant revival of the tragic events of 1944, the bombings and the reconstruction of the town, illustrated, in particular, thanks to a scale model of the town of Condé as it was before the war (40 m2).



Mean(s) of payments : Postal or bank cheques, Carte bleue, Cash


Age : All ages
Languages spoken : English
Pets allowed : no


From Monday, January 1, 2024 to Tuesday, December 31, 2024

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