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Domaine Antoine Marois



Nestling on the hilltop, the Antoine Marois estate overlooks the village of Cambremer, in the heart of the Pays d’Auge.

Antoine Marois became an agronomist specialising in wine, working in several regions throughout France. In 2016, he returned to his birthplace to set up business on his grandparents’ estate, with the will to unveil all the potential of the Pays d'Auge’s cidermaking, over a range of exceptional ciders, representative of the local soil, of its apple varieties, of a particular vintage… all through organic farming. Each vintage in the range is produced from one single orchard, boasting a medley of apple varieties (acidic, bitter-sweet, binet rouge), to become a plot-specific vintage and an expression of the great diversity of the land where it was produced. Antoine’s working method and cider range are inspired by the world of wine growing: hand-harvested apples, plot-specific blends and vintages, natural frothing when bottled. This quite singular approach enables him to offer a range of gourmet ciders that are highly popular among keen chefs. Committed to applying healthy and sustainable methods, the estate is currently undergoing its transformation into organic agriculture.



Type of visit : Tasting sessions


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