Departure of the circuit "The Rivière morte of Saint-Arnoult and the vestiges of the Lassay castle"



1. Departure in front of the Town Hall of Saint-Arnoult. Head in the direction of Deauville, going past the hind enclosed area. Take the pedestrian walk stretching along the Rivière morte on the left. The Rivière morte is actually the former bed of the Touques river and is 1.5 km long.

2. After the playground, follow the road stretching along the nursing home and the hotel complex, then turn right and take the pedestrian crossing.

3. Take the Chemin des Londes on the left and go past the Château Bel Abri, then go down Rue du Coteau and cross the entrance porch of the Hôtel du Golf.

4. Follow Avenue du Bois de Lassay: you’ll see the vestiges of the Lassay castle on the right. This castle, called “the white castle”, dates back to the end of the 17th century and was built by lord Armand de Madaillan for Marianne, his beloved. It was abandoned after the French Revolution, when the family had to leave the area.

5. Take the small path on the left that goes down to the Chapel. Turn left onto Rue du Bois de Lassay and follow Rue des Pommiers till you get to Rue de la République.

6. Turn right onto Rue de la Verdure and take Allée des Champs on the right.

7. Reach the Rivière Morte, then the Town Hall.





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