Departure of the circuit "The look-out post of Villerville"



1. Departure from the Tourist Information Office of Villerville. Follow the Route du Littoral in the direction of Trouville-sur-Mer. On the left, there’s a castle of the 17th century. It was built in 1653 on the remnants of an ancient castle. It is currently known as Ferme du Château. You’ll go past the Cross built in 1888, then broken after a storm and rebuilt in 1928.

2. Take the Chemin des Terrois on the left, after the stadium, and go up the hill for 800 m. On the path, there’s a coastal German battery dating back to winter 1941/1942. It belonged to the 510th coast artillery group of the German land forces.

3. At the intersection, follow Chemin des Terrois on the left, then turn right onto Rue Lucien Coutaud.

4. At the look-out post, turn right onto Rue du Bas Couyère. Go straight to the look-out post. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century to help the State properly monitor the ships -from large freighters to small boats - sailing on the Baie de Seine.

5. Then, turn right. You’ll catch sight of the Manoir de Clairefontaine. Then, take the Chemin des Creuniers and get to Rue Lucien Coutaud.

6. Continue to Route du Val and walk along the campsite.

7. At the intersection, turn left onto Rue Thomas Jean Montsaint in the direction of Villerville. Walk down to the city centre of Villerville and reach the Tourist Information Office. Halfway, you’ll find the small Notre-Dame de la Paix oratory, built after the Second World War. A mi-côte se trouve le petit oratoire de Notre-Dame de la Paix érigé après la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. The panoramic viewpoint is situated opposite the oratory.





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