Departure of the circuit "The forest of Touques and the Coquetière"



1. Departure from Place de la Mairie, under the covered market. Turn right onto Rue Louvel et Brière till you get to the Saint-Pierre church. This church dates back to the 11th-12th centuries, when Touques was a great fishing port. It’s now a cultural area hosting several artists’ exhibitions.

2. Bypass the church on the right and take Rue de Meautry, going along the studfarm for 1.8 km.

3. Turn left and go down Chemin de la Coquetière.

4. At the end of the path, take Route de Honfleur on the left, in the direction of the city centre.

5. Go past the Saint-Thomas church, “Monument Historique” since 1926, then turn left till you get to Place de la Mairie.





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