Departure of the circuit "Sea, marshes, church of Blonville Terre"



1. Starting from Blonville-sur-mer Tourisme, turn right onto Boulevard Marcel Lechanteur till you get to the beach.

2. Turn left and walk along the beach till you get to the sailing school.

3. Turn left onto Rue de la Brèche aux Cochons.

4. Turn right onto Avenue Michel d’Ornano and reach the campsite.

5. After the campsite, take the pathway on the left. You’ll reach the marshes.
The marshes of Blonville-Villers are the only natural green area of the Côte Fleurie. This place of great ecologic richness includes 110 hectares of wet grasslands, canals and ditches. Though being close to the sea, it is a fresh water marsh fed by the water courses coming from the surrounding hillsides.

6. At the crossing, turn right and continue straight. The canal (stream) is on your right.

7. Leave the path on the right, and slight left. The path, following a wooden fence, becomes narrower.

8. Leave the path on the left, and slight right.

9. Leave the path on the right, continue to Chemin des Rangs.

10. You are leaving the marshes. Turn left and walk for a few meters on Chemin du lieu Chesnay, then take the first path on the right: Chemin du Lieu Pieugé.. It goes up, then under the railway. You reach the D20 – Route de Tourgéville.

11. Cross it and continue to Chemin du Droulet (leave the chemin du Chanteur on the left) till you get to D118a – Route de Beaumont.

12. Turn right on the D118a – Route de Beaumont till you get to the Notre-Dame de la Visitation church of Blonville Terre.
The Blonville Terre church has a one-thousand-year-long history! Actually, part of the bell tower dates back to the 12th century. The most ancient elements are the lowest parts of the bell tower and of the choir, dating back to the 11th and the 13th centuries. A large nave was added at the end of the 15th century.

13. Go back to Chemin du Droulet, then turn right on the Chemin du Chanteur up till you get to the D20 – Route de Tourgéville.

14. Turn left onto D20 – Route de Tourgéville, then turn right onto Chemin du Lieu Chesnay and reach the railway.

15. Cross the railway, take the path on the right and bypass the marshes till you get to Rue Henry Millet.

16. Turn right on Rue Henry Millet, then turn left on Rue Marcelle Haricot. Continue to Rue Marcelle Haricot, then Boulevard Marcel Lechanteur till you get to Blonville Tourisme.





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