Departure of the circuit "From Villerville to Trouville-sur-Mer on the footsteps of famous people"



1. Departure from the car park situated in Place du Lavoir in Villerville. Take Rue Butin and turn right onto Rue du Général de Gaulle.

2. Turn left onto Rue du Maréchal Foch till you get to the Singe en Hiver crossing, where the film titled “A Monkey in Winter” starring Jean Gabin et Jean-Paul Belmondo was shot by Henri Verneuil in winter 1962. Turn right and follow Rue des Bains.

3. Reach the dyke situated along the beach. At its end, take the pathway leading to Parc des Graves. This park is situated on the cliff, offers a nice view on the coast and has a rich variety of flowers, as it was an ornamental garden.

4. Take Chemin de Fondrières on the right and cross Route du Littoral. Then take Chemin des Terrois and follow it for 1 km.

5. At the intersection, turn right onto Chemin du Bois de Beauvais.

6. Follow it for 1.5 km, then take the Chemin de la Bruyère on the left. Continue to Chemin des Cotillets.

7. Turn left onto Ancienne Route de Villerville.

8. Turn right onto Chemin de la Maison Salée and turn left onto Promenade des Creuniers.

9. Continue to Route Départementale 513 till you get to the church.

10. Take the Chemin de la Renardière on the right and reach Avenue de la Mer.

11. Turn left and follow the GR 223 signs.

12. Once reached the Route Départementale 513, turn right and follow the road, then take Corniche A. Hambourg on the right.

13. Take the stairs down to the beach and continue to the Boardwalk of Trouville-sur-Mer. Go past the Hôtel des Roches Noires, ancient luxury hotel of the Second French Empire dating back to 1866, where Marguerite Duras stayed and was immortalized by Claude Monet. Observe the great seaside villas of the 19th century.

14. Once reached the Hôtel Flaubert, turn left onto Rue Gustave Flaubert and continue to Rue Saint-Michel.

15. Turn right onto Rue Carnot till you get to Place du Maréchal Foch. Cross it to reach the statue of Gustave Flaubert, situated close to the docks.

16. Walk along the docks of the Touques Estuary, then turn left onto Rue Notre-Dame.

17. Bypass the church and take Rue de l'église.

18. Turn left onto Rue de Tarale and go up the stairs. Continue straight.

19. At the intersection, take Chemin de Calleville on the left, then, further up on the left, Chemin Vert.

20 At the end of the pathway, turn left onto Chemin des Bruzettes, then turn right onto Ancienne Route de Villerville and continue to Rue Lucien Coutaud.

21. Turn left onto Chemin des Terrois, then cross Route Départementale 513 to take the Chemin des Fondrières. You’ll go past the German coastal battery built in Villerville in 1941/1942. It belonged to the 510th coast artillery group of the German land forces.

22. Cross the Parc des Graves before going back to the city centre, Place du Lavoir.





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