Departure of the circuit "From Villers to Saint-Vaast through the woods"



1. Departure from the car park of the Saint-Martin church. The glass-stained windows of this church date back to the 19th century and have been classified as cultural heritage.

2. Head south on the road of the church and take the first path on the right called Passage des Muttes, then continue to Rue Convers.

3. Walk along Rue Convers for about 500 m, then turn right onto Rue du Ravin, and turn left onto Chemin de la Cour.

4. Continue for about 800 m, then turn right onto Chemin de l'église du Manoir.

5. Once reached the holiday resort and the Auberville church, turn left onto Chemin de l'église.

6. At the end of the path, turn left onto Chemin Blandin till you get to Route Départementale 513.

7. Cross the Route Départementale and continue to Chemin de la Chapelle.

8. At the intersection, continue straight for 250 m, then turn left onto Chemin de la Butte au Vilain.

9. Once reached the place known as Butte au Vilain, turn right, then right again after 150 m onto Chemin de Baudry.

10. Cross the road, then turn right after crossing the Saint-Vaast stream.

11. Turn left onto Chemin du Mignan, then then turn right onto Chemin du Tolmer.

12. Once reached the Lieu Manoury, continue to Chemin de l'église and cross the railway.

13. At the Y intersection, turn left onto Chemin du Bois de Villers and turn left again at the end of the path. Follow the path and cross the railway again. Take the Chemin du Moncel and slight left to stay on it. At the end of the path -at the Mezeray farm-, turn left onto Chemin du Bois. Turn left at the second intersection, slight right and cross the Ruisseau Saint-Vaast.

15. Turn right, then turn left after 200 m. At the junction, turn right.

16. At the Bois-Lurette crossing, continue to Rue Pasteur, then turn left onto Vieux Chemin de Saint-Vaast.

17. Go straight to the Route de Dives, then reach the Saint-Thomas church of Villers-sur-Mer.





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