Departure of the circuit "From Saint-Pierre-Azif to Saint-Vaast"



1. The hiking tour starts in front of the Town Hall. Head in the direction of the church following Rue du Bourg.

2. Go past the church, “Monument Historique” since 1926 hosting nine remarkable paintings of the Flemish school.
Stay on Rue du Bourg, then turn right in the direction of the Haras du Manoir, managed since 2016 by Samuel Catel. He is a high-level rider and a former member of the Para-Equestrian Dressage France team that has won several championships.
Bypass the studfarms and continue to Chemin du Manoir, then take Chemin Le Carrouge.

3. Turn right on Route de Branville and continue for 800 m.

4. At the crossroads, turn right onto Carrefour du Breton, then turn left onto Chemin de la Haute Rue.

5. Continue for 700 m and, at the intersection between two dirt tracks, take the straight track.

6. Turn left onto Chemin des Fosses Michel, then take the first path on the left and take again Chemin de la Haute Rue.

7. Turn left and cross D281 - Route de Branville, then turn right onto Chemin du Bouillon. At the end of the pathway, turn right.

8. Once reached an hairpin bend, take the path on the right: the Coudray.

9. Go straight for about 2.5 km and cross again Route de Branville. Once reached the Haras de Colleville, continue on the dirt track, cross Route de Touques and turn right at the war memorial.

10. At the end of the path, turn right, then, at the end of the road, turn right again and take the path in the wrong way.

11. Reach Route de Touques and turn left. Go straight and take the first road on the right: Chemin des Broches.

12. Stay on the path till you get to Bourg de Saint-Pierre-Azif, in front of the Town Hall.





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