Course: Initiation to biodynamic market gardening: ‘First steps in garden biodynamics’



The aim of this course is to offer as much information, and as many ideas, thoughts and advice on how to apply the principles of biodynamics.

The course aims at teaching the basic concepts involved in maintaining a healthy Earth, thanks to the specific techniques of biodynamics.

Based on our observation of nature (animals, plants, weather, etc.), it offers increased awareness on the forces (Earth, Water, Air, Light, Heat) that form the Earth, in order to bring greater health through our activities, through our agricultural practices.

Speaker: Didier de la Porte - Engineer in agronomy, co-author of ‘Calendrier des semis biodynamique’ (calendar of biodynamic seeds) - Member of the Normandy branch of Mouvement de l’Agriculture Biodynamique (biodynamic agriculture movement) for around 40 years.



Randonnées : Training course


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