Club Sport aux Cures Marines



Need to prepare for a competition, recharge your batteries or take a moment to disconnect and reconnect? Our sports coaches are with you every day.

At Cures Marines, we combine the benefits of marine active ingredients with sports sessions in a sublime setting? the beach. Heated to 32°C in our pool, seawater promotes osmosis, allowing trace elements and mineral salts to penetrate the body and regenerate it. Aqua pilates, aqua bike, beach walk, sea walk? these are just some of the activities whose benefits are amplified by contact with seawater.

Our Studio hosts group classes in small groups. We offer 4 themes: Mindfulness (respirology, meditation, conscious walking) / Endurance (slow running, sea walk with loan of wetsuit) / Posture (yoga, pilates, aqua pilates, postural stretching) / Fitness Sculpt (thighs-abdos-buttocks, aqua bike, aqua fitness).


Base rate : 560,00 €



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