How do you fancy a little trip around Caen and its surroundings in a rowboat? As fun as it is challenging, the activity is on offer at the Hérouville-Saint-Clair rowing school.

An affiliate of the French Rowing Federation, the club, which is run by volunteers, organizes rowing lessons and regattas out at sea for those in need of some healthy competition. On your outings, you'll follow the canal that joins Caen to the sea, passing by the seaside resort of Ouistreham, or head down the enclosed valleys of the River Orne to the Côte de Nacre. Excellent for staying in shape, rowing is also an activity that promotes teamwork, blending physical effort with feel-good conviviality – all in a beautiful setting that alternates between woody countryside landscapes and sheer rocky cliffs. Come join us at the Hérouville Sea and River Rowing Club!


Pets allowed : no, no

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