Circuit-Découverte Plumetot-Cresserons



Looking to escape the seaside? Just a few kilometers from the coast, you'll find two communes where you can relax and marvel!

Frozen in time, the village of Plumetot charms us with its old stones and its "bouts" (i.e. narrow streets) Plumetot never had streets, only paths until 1985!) A true rural stopover in the Terres de Nacre region, its leafy lanes offer panoramic views of both the sea and the countryside, making for great walks with the family or a four-legged friend.

Take a stroll and connect with neighboring Cresserons. Its architecture and religious past are surprising: it was once a Protestant village, but today only vestiges of that era remain! Nonetheless, step inside the door of the Église Saint Jacques and you'll be amazed

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Walks and hikes : Very easy, 5.5
Difficulties of the journey : Very easy


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