Circuit-Découverte Bernières-sur-mer



The emblematic beach of the Juno Beach sector.

Located in the Juno Beach sector, Bernières-sur-Mer boasts numerous remnants of the Atlantic Wall. Discover the emblematic Maison des Canadiens, the first French house liberated on D-Day.

During your stroll, you'll be able to admire some very fine residences, some of which are listed as Monuments Historiques, such as the Manoir de la Luzerne and the 12th-century church of Notre-Dame de la Nativité.

In town, 2 commemorative tours offer an insight into the history of the D-Day landings.

Guided historical tours are offered on a regular basis.

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Walks and hikes : 5, Very easy
Difficulties of the journey : Very easy


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