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Eglise Notre-Dame-de-la-Nativité



The 12th century Romanesque church of the Nativity Notre-Dame de Bernières was built on land belonging to Bishop Odo, William the Conqueror's half-brother.

In 1066, he donated the church to the Chapter of Bayeux.

The present-day church in Bernières-sur-Mer dates from 1130-1140 and the late 12th century and is similar to Normandy's large abbeys.

A high Gothic choir and a stone 8-sided spire the summit of which stands at 67 metres were added in the 13th century.

During your visit, make sure you don't miss: the remarkable 17th century stone altarpiece with imposing fluted columns, surmounted with large multicoloured statues of angels. It is one of the finest monumental works in Calvados.



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