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Cheval de Pierre route



The pathways of the Pays de Falaise await you for this 36km round trip trek.

This route takes you from forest to plain, via Normandy’s typical ‘bocage’ hedgerowed landscapes, on a limestone soil that is propitious to fast galloping. As you ride through the hamlet of Saussay, stop to admire the symbolic statue of a horse. This riding route takes you on a discovery trail of the paths and landscapes around the historic town of Falaise, via some lesser-known sites: The camp de Bierre is one of the leading archaeological sites in Western France and it is open to visitors! Among the sights to see, we can add the Saint-André and Hoguette woods, home to rare plant and animal species, the high path, the Abbey of St. Andrew (Saint André) in Gouffern, etc. So, take to your mount, and off you go!

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Walks and hikes : Full-day walks, 36, Medium
Difficulties of the journey : Medium


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