Chapelle Saint-Jean-du-Clos




In the field of religious monuments, apart from the parish church, which is already protected as a historical monument, only one quality building is known: the Saint-Jean-Du-Clos chapel, located on the edge of the former seigneurial manor of the de Jacquesson family, in the current location known as "Ferme de l'Etang".

The chapel is built of limestone rubble and sandstone slabs (local rocks). Small in size (8.50 m x 4.10 m), the chapel has a rectangular plan. The front wall, which runs along the road from Vieux to Bully, has a semicircular door surmounted by a sculpted block. The latter has unfortunately been badly damaged by bad weather.

The analysis of the elements currently visible thus leads us to situate the construction of the chapel in the 13th century, the sculpture on the façade may indicate possible borrowings from an earlier building. On the other hand, it also proves that the chapel was significantly altered. At the end of the 18th or the beginning of the 19th century, probably at a time when the chapel was to be more or less disused, it was included in a rectangular building, much larger. Curiously, no doubt out of respect for the religious character of the old building, the four walls of the original sanctuary were left standing, even those that were in the middle of the new building.

This curious re-use is certainly later than 1784 since on a burrow plan drawn up at that date for the seigniory of Vieux, the outline of the chapel with its original proportions can be seen (Archives départementales du Calvados, F. 7042). About thirty years ago, a fire made the framework of the whole building disappear. Since then, the building has been entirely open-air.




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