Chairs by Sébastien Lucas



These four mermaids represent the four stars of the Deauville life, often found on the Boardwalk: Gabrielle Chanel revolutionized fashion with her hats, striped jersey and swimming costumes; Suzy Solidor, singer, loved spending time on the beach after setting on fire nights at the Casino and the Brummel's; Joséphine Baker had long strolls on the Boardwalk with Chiquita, her panther; Anouk Aimée, main actress of “A man and a woman”, shot by Claude Lelouch, had an international success awarded with an Oscar.

Sébastien Lucas is a music composer, painter and sculptor. He started focusing very early on several artistic activities, studying at the regionally renowned Conservatoire de Caen. He is a piano and organ player.
He was awarded with a first regional prize for music composition by the French Ministry of Culture and by the French Regional Office of Cultural Affairs when he was 16.
He composed and self-produced several albums, including "Abyss of the Whales" for "IFAW" - fighting for whale protection - and "Voices of light", along with Lama Gyurmé and Prince Michael of Greece.
Sébastien Lucas defines his painting as “Pop Art", connected to modern techniques. He works on acrylic canvas, then he digitize his work and adjust it on his computer to obtain more intense colours. To finalize his works, he continues fixing pigments on permanent supports.





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