Chairs by Monique Anis Glina, Fanny Canto-Pichard, Martine Colliot and Micheline Trelis



“The subject of the "Boucle de la Touques” was widely accepted, because this river is not a dead end: it collects natural water of the surroundings, recycles it in the ecosystem and gives it back to nature as a source of life. These chairs are placed on the river bank in front of the playground. Fanny wanted to represent the fauna and the flora of the river as if it was a children's book.”
Chair #1: Fanny created a frog having a shower under a tap; Monique painted a curious coypu, attracting people walking by, but also a coot and some water lilies on the back of the chair.
Chair #2: Martine decided to paint a duck escaping the rain under an umbrella; Micheline represented a carp, undisputed queen of this river, suddenly arising from the reeds, and a heron, on the back of the chair, wearing rose boots to prevent his legs from getting wet.
During these painting sessions handled with humour and good mood, Micheline composed some rhymes to pay tribute to this nice unspoilt nature and wrote a poem to explain her work.

“We are amateur painters, committed artists, hard-working students of Françoise Plékan in Saint-Arnoult having decided to participate to this project. We have enjoyed this collective work carried out on the two available chairs.”





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