Chairs by Michel Tréhet



Michel Tréhet plays with water using two images. One is calm and represents two horses bathing in the middle of nowhere. This effect is accentuated by a barely noticeable horizon, mixing with a dead calm sea. The light is soft, as if the intensity was reduced by a soft box. It’s a unique moment for these riders. The second image is a mirror between the sky and the sea, between black and white. “As soon as I noticed this contrast, capturing the right instant became an obsession for me. I've been waiting until the contrast became evident. The more and more threatening black sky reflected the white foam of the waves. The symmetry was almost perfect, the photo cut in the middle. These two chairs, situated side by side, talk to each other. They represent the richness you can find every day on the beach of Deauville. What a better location than the small terrace of the «Point de Vue», in front of the sea” to place these chairs?”
"The world could have been as simple as the sky and the sea” - André Malraux

He was born in 1950 in Le Havre. He is artist, painter, art director and photographer. In 1993, he became an independent creative director. He kept painting and exhibited in different cities like Paris, Tokyo and Geneva. Photography has always been linked to the conception of his canvas. He always relies on photographs to make his paintings. He moved to Trouville-sur-mer in 1997 and started focusing on the atmosphere of seaside towns. He published his first series of photographs dedicated to Deauville and Trouville-sur-mer. His car rides between Paris and Trouville-sur-mer led to a second series exhibited in 2010 in Deauville: "Flash sur l’A13". In 2009, he connected his activity of artistic director to photography. He participates every year to the Planche(s) Contact photographic festival. In 2014, he created for this Festival a white-and-black photographic series whose protagonist is Barbie.





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