Chairs by Isabelle Pellouin



"Water is a large world, I’ve been looking for inspiration in my daily life, Deauville/Trouville beaches and fishing boats moving in and out of Touques. On one side, there were bathers; on the other side, fish trapped in the trawling nets. On the melody of “The Mother of the Fish” by Boby Lapointe, I’ve thought about a sardine can. I’ve created a school of fish: the wooden boards of the chairs are perfect for it”.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been drawing, painting, doing DIY...with paper, wood or fabrics. I’ve built my own world with all that. During my artistic studies at the École Régionale de Caen, I’ve explored several creation and printing techniques. After my studies, I've created my own publishing house: "Les Petites Manies". I develop a series production of literary objects, generally not exceeding 50 copies. Literature, poetry are a source of inspiration during my creation process. Screen printing is a technique I use to publish my works, but also to conceive and print the objects I usually exhibit with L’Encrage (Screen Printing Association association at the Espace Yvonne Guégan) in Caen and elsewhere. I produce just a few unique objects. I love series: it’s less frustrating than producing unique objects and I can share much more. By the way, I’d like to build steps close to the pier of Deauville.





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