Chairs by Danièle Marie - "Le Havre - New York"



"This work is about purism, a movement led by "Ozenfant" and "Le Corbusier". It is clearly shown by synthetic forms, accurate outlines and flat tint colours. Emotions arise from by the organization of coloured forms in the space. This work is also a tribute to poster designer "Cassandre” and his liner known as “Le Normandie". The Le Havre - New York transatlantic crossing taking place in 2017 on the “Queen Mary 2” led me to represent Normandy as a region that inspires journeys and the discovery of other cultures”.

"I come from the Pyrenees, but I've always been attracted by the seaside areas. This is why the Côte Fleurie, in particular Bénerville-sur-Mer -where I live-, is so dear to me."





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