Chairs by Christian Francheteau



Chair #1: “Water is for me the beginning of life. Without water, there’s no life. Men are arrogant and not aware about the power of Mother Earth, represented here by a heart-shaped chair, standing for “Love". Men should remain humble and observe the magic of life that our planet offers to us both on the earth and under water. Beauty, the fragility of fauna and flora, represented by the various colours I've chosen, the symbols linked to the sea and hilly areas are all found in the ocean. The small red heart situated behind the chair represents humans that should become aware about the fact that they need nature to live, love, blossom; nature could easily live without them instead. Humans are alive because their heart beats, and we’ll be able to save our planet through love.

Chair #2: "Mother Earth, be benevolent. I know that you keep an eye on humans. Send some signs, sounds, turbulence to alert us about the future. Aware humans will resist to cataclysms, it’s necessary. Love will conquer all. Life will be nice again, the rainbow will shine again, trees and flowers will bloom again. Humans will stand up again too. But please, do not underestimate Mother Earth.

Born in 1965 in Sables d’Olonne (Vendée), Christian Francheteau has always been dedicating his free time to learn about drawing and modelling together with his father, oil painter-artist himself. Since 1994, Christian Francheteau has been working on several sculpture studios and has created decoration for ad hoc advertising. His works are best expressed by colours, characterizing his art and found on any forms and supports. His life philosophy consists in trying to reinterpret his works through beauty to increase people's awareness about the beauty of life.





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