Chairs by André Hudin - "La pluie" (The rain)



“The surface had two perpendicular plans. So, I decided to paint “the rain”... The vertical visual perception is facilitated by more or less angled vertical lines and the horizontal perception by overlapping concentric circles on an inundated surface. After an abstract work, previously axed on rhythms, colour contrasts, values and shapes, the final result has been reached quickly."

"Amateur painter since I was a child, I paint and draw, because I enjoy it and let my family and friends enjoy it too. My production is essentially figurative, and the colours selected are more personal. I try to paint an atmosphere around my characters or my architectures rather than focusing just on reality. I use oil or pastel painting, and more recently acrylic. I've exhibited in several fairs (Brécey, Avranches, Le Mans, Fougères) and my works have met success at the end of the 1970s, beginning of the 1980s. My job (I am a teacher) and my family activity have kept me away from this hobby. Retiring gave me more time to focus on it. I’ve also exhibited my works at the fair of Rivière Saint-Sauveur, my municipality of residence. I participate to the courses or workshops organized by Françoise Plékan in Saint-Arnoult and Yves Riguidel at the MJC of Trouville-sur-Mer. Recently, following the suggestions of Yves Riguidel, I have started approaching abstraction with much curiosity and enthusiasm.”





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