Chair by Philippe Olive



“Creating a chair means connecting aesthetics to comfort. I had to select a durable material, as my chair is placed in front of the sea. I've opted for wood: an oak wood that has already survived to many decades and is ready to face wind and tides. Using again a piece of wood, reshaping it for another purpose means giving it a new breath. This oak wood has been the common thread of my mission. Finally, I've made a chair reminding of a boat, with a copper porthole.”

Philippe Olive, professional sculptor and plastic artist for over 30 years, lives and works in Audrieu-France, Calvados.
“His constant search results in an instinctive process: he creates an instant emotion. His work becomes a movement and faces matter. A search for harmony is established: it’s an invitation to contemplate. He goes beyond figurative art to express feminine lightness, fragility, sensuality. His alive sculptures evolve and reveal their multiple facets. His forms result from destiny, intuition and instant emotions. Philippe Olive uses tight curves to boost movement and propel forms into the space. Playing with noble matters with an even and rough surface, he transforms unreality into existence, perception into reality. A completed unique work has an universal harmony. It reveals symbols and philosophical messages of love and freedom.





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