Chair by Naïade Plante



“The subject of this project was particularly inspiring because water is one of the most precious resources of our planet. To make the images of this chair, I’ve spent several hours at the edge of one of the nice small rivers stretching through the forest of Saint Gatien, my village. Fauna and flora are so fragile and delicate. We must be aware of the need to preserve them, as we make all part of the same ecosystem.

Naïade was born in Jerusalem. Her childhood marked by the sea, adventure, the offshore horizon, led her to appreciate photography, with a strong desire to show the beauty of a living world to preserve in a difficult era! She is thoughtful and appreciative. She is aware that life is a miracle!
In 1996, Naïade pursued a career in photography at the “Centre Iris et de l'audiovisuel” at the Sorbonne University. She won the 1er Prix Rolleiflex. She has been the artistic director of the Off of the Festival Chroniques Nomades of Honfleur for sever years. In 1998, she crossed India for the Aide et Action association, and observed the work of NGOs fighting for educating children. These photographic experience marked the beginning of her professional journey.
Institutional orders, reportage, weddings, portraits and advertisement shootings enriched her experience. After several years of passionate work between India and France, she settled down in Normandy.





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