Chair by Luc Michel



“Inspired by the washing place bordering the chair, I've painted moss and leaves surrounding a running stream on the back of the chair. The seat is turned into a small rocky stream bending among plants. Behind, there are some leaves: the undergrowth opens to the sky.”

Luc Michel is a self-taught artist. He has been exhibiting his paintings at different regional fairs and was awarded with several prizes. He participated to "Rouen National Art” in 2014 and 2016.
In the latest three years, he has been exhibiting his works at the "Galerie Hamon", in Le Havre, and more recently at "Galerie 13" in Honfleur.
The artist paints a fun, humoristic, poetical colourful universe in which fish, a nice excuse to add a bit of extravagance, are the protagonists. After a long-time work with watercolours, the paintings currently proposed are made with acrylic colours, offering a larger range of shades.





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