Chair by Jacky Pouillon



“Painting on this chair for the City of Saint-Gatien-des-Bois, I was cradled by the clapping sound of the water of the stream crossing this city. I hope to provide dreams, relax and happiness to people walking by.”

“I was born in 1946. When I was a child, my parents strongly encouraged me to focus on art and I got fond of drawings and paintings. In the 1970s, I started gouache painting. One day, I met by chance Jean Pierre Ferrand, next-door neighbour and renowned painter. He encouraged me to focus on oil painting.
I participated to great architectural projects in the world of aeronautics (infrastructures and buildings).
Since I retired, I‘ve been dedicating to this passion ever more. I often paint from a photograph inspiring me.
I am a self-taught painter and I have been participating, since 2001, to collective, sometimes personal, exhibitions.
I love painting and sharing everyday life moments representing the countryside, a few characters and the sea.”





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