Chair by Florence Lebay



“The sea concerns our origins, biodiversity and its preservation, fauna made of several forms and colours, a fascinating world, an endless source of inspiration. The octopus - mysterious animal with a surprising intelligence, both attractive and repulsive, found in the sea all over the world - was chosen to represent the sea. I've decided to make it attractive using orange and drawing big eyes to encourage people to sit among its tentacles and contemplate the sea.”

Florence Lebey was born in 1958 in Versailles. Her father made a living from doing silk-screen prints. This activity aroused her interest for art. She attended the Atelier Roederer, then Camando school where she followed courses of interior design. In the 1980s, she went back to Tourgéville, homeland of her mother, to join her husband, farmer and Calvados producer in the area. But she preserved her passion for art. In 2012, she created with five other painters "La p’tite galerie" in Honfleur, where she could express her creative spirit.





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