Chair by Claude Hastaire



“At the beginning, knowing the region, I thought that it was a nice idea to anticipate the work of gulls and other cormorants. Molière “has chosen” this place to die. Eugène Boudin asked to be rapidly brought to Deauville to die in front of the sea. Two admirable characters on their chairs.”

Claude Hastaire was born in Paris in 1946. The personal and collective works of Hastaire - painter, essayist, poet and photographer - were exhibited in several areas (galleries, museums, contemporary art centres) in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and Korea. He replaced his real name, Claude Hilaire (he is the son of painter Camille Hilaire 1916-2004), with “Hastaire” when he was 16. Laureate of the 28th Monte Carlo International Prize in 1994, Hastaire made several hundreds of lithographies. His photos were exhibited in different galleries (L’oubli atlantique, Le Vietnam retrouvé...). Arromanches was selected by the "New-York Times" with "Puci de Rossi" and "Eleen Grey" (1987). More recently, "Les Crapauds Picabia” achieved a great success. He is the co-founder, together with his friend Alain Kleinmann, a painter too, of the "Groupe International Mémoires".





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