Chair by Charline Marie



“Water around us is calm, but in motion, transparent but reflecting, fascinating and mysterious. The tiniest detail is an opportunity to sublimate it. My objective, independently from this photo, was capturing light, reflects, shadows, the motion of this peaceful water. Observing this photo from different perspectives, our thoughts and a sense of peace arise.

I was born in Deauville and I've always been passionate about photography. Since I was a teenager, I've been trying to capture moments of my daily life. I’ve exhibited my photos in Vauville in different occasions. After a break of a few years to build my family, I’ve exhibited my works again in spring 2018 in Domfront in Poiraie.
Photography is, first of all, an art for me, but also a passion. A photo tells a story, reveals the beauty of things and landscapes. Nothing is better than a photo to immortalize a moment, an emotion, a light....”





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