Chair by Annette Boyer



“I was asked by Trouville-sur-mer to create a chair. I've used several techniques and materials to represent my artistic career. In front of the sea, you may sit on my deckchair representing a mermaid. Like the striped tissues of the seaside deckchairs, the mermaid’s body is striped with bright colours. The comfortable armrest reminds the relentless movement of water. The fish tail made of a metallic interlacing, takes inspiration from the fishing net. It is perfect to relax your legs and have a nap. I’ve chosen this sculptural and poetical deckchair as well as the small romantic garden around it.”

Annette Boyer, insatiable and prolific plastic artist, does not limit herself to an only mode of expression: paintings, collages, engravings, and sculptures build up a generous and unclassifiable work. The materials used - metal, paint, soil, resin and paper - are perfect to express her fantasy.
She is entirely open to a pure artistic expression through drawings and collages, driven by a passionate emotion and imagination. Her expertise, mixed with an astounding creativity, makes you discover a poetic and fantastic universe which only belongs to her.





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