Get back in touch with your inner child with the kite flying club in Ouistreham which offers a number of workshops and initiations for kids of all ages!

The Cerfs Volants Folie association practices on the beach. In the awe-inspiring setting of Ouistreham, the club will introduce you to kite flying. It also regularly hosts open days, events and competitions, and is affiliated with the French Federation of Free Flight. Numerous disciplines are performed and taught at the club including single line, traction, stunt, 4-line and aerial photography kite flying. The sight of the kites as they dance through the sky above the Riva Bella beach is simply spectacular! The kite flying festival in Ouistreham brings together seasoned amateurs for competitions like the French acrobatic kite flying championships. From sweetie drops to night flying, don't miss out on the chance to see kites sweeping and swooping through the Calvados sky.


Pets allowed : no

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