Our riding school allows you to ride in all seasons thanks to our riding ring and our indoor riding arena. Supervised by an engaging and competent team, you can try your hand at excursions (sea, countryside, forest) or competitions. Our annex, the Etrier de la Plage, offers excursions for all abilities, with direct access to the beach (and an educational trail in the dunes).
Half-term classes: little ones are put in groups based on age and ability so they have a better learning experience. Baby Pony classes provide fun-filled lessons and exercises to suit little ones (ages 4 and up). Your child will learn how to take care of their horse during the hippology course. We also do footwork to teach them how to handle ponies. Every Gallop includes a hippology section and practical section. There are several packages available ranging from half-day classes to 5-day courses. As well as classes, there are lots of events during half-term: swims with horses (subject to weather), pony games, woodland or beach treks etc.
Accredited French riding school.


Facilities and services :
Car park
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Accompanied rides

Pets allowed : no

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