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Carmel Chapel



Visit the Carmel of Lisieux, the chapel in particular, where Saint Thérèse chose to retreat.

Follow in Saint Thérèse's footsteps in Lisieux, in the heart of Normandy. In the Carmel of Lisieux chapel, you can admire Thérèse's shrine which houses her relics. Every year, on the last Sunday in September, a procession takes Saint Thérèse's relics through the streets of Lisieux.
Via a quest for interiority, you can better appreciate Thérèse's message. Pilgrims can join the Carmelite community in prayer.
Along with the Basilica and the Maison des Buissonnets, the chapel is one of the key pilgrimage sites in Lisieux, in Normandy.



Pets allowed : no


From Saturday, January 1, 2022 to Saturday, December 31, 2022

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