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Bois du Caprice



Located in Colleville-Montgomery, Ouistreham and Saint-Aubin d’Arquenay, the Caprice woods cover 70 hectares, punctuated with several forest ponds, rendering the site’s exceptional ecological interest.

The pilgrims path, the country path and a freshly developed loop offer you access to this natural haven just a stone’s throw from the Côte de Nacre beaches. This mysteriously named wood is populated with young trees. In the early 1950s, the site was essentially comprised of grasslands where animals came to graze during the dry season. The site is home to several different environments: meadows, ponds and woodlands compose a mosaic of landscapes and natural habitats marked by the legacy of bygone human activity. Grazing lands, woodlands, forests and apple orchards are dotted across the landscape. The wet woodland is the prevailing environment and is home to species such as ash and pedonculate oak, particularly well-adapted to the presence of water. Please note that the paths may be muddy, so wear appropriate shoes and clothing. Car parks are located by the ‘petit bonheur’ staduim in Ouistreham and the village hall in Saint-Aubin d’Arquenay.

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Pets allowed : yes


From Monday, January 1, 2024 to Tuesday, December 31, 2024

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