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Canopée - The Insect Gallery



Didier Chardin, a keen entomologist, has been collecting insects from across the globe for the past 45 years. Today, he associates this passion with that of photography, and macro photography to offer a unique visitor centre: Canopée, the insect gallery. Panoramic displays over an exhibition area of 850m2, where 50 countries and 4 continents plunge you into the finest of decors populated by the greatest specimens on earth… Photographs and terrariums punctuate your visit and, if you like, you can even hold one of the world’s largest stick insects in your hand! Offering you an artistic insight into this fantastic world is an excellent way to help you get to know it and to fully understand how important it is that we preserve it.

Deforestation campaigns, whatever the many reasons, intensive urbanisation and chemical soil treatment are jeopardising our biodiversity… Canopée offers you a world that continues to survive - that is as magnificent today as it was at the time of the dinosaurs and that we must do our utmost to protect, so that this awe-inspiring natural environment may thrive for many years to come…

We wish you a pleasant tour of Canopée.


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