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Caen Apnoea and Underwater Fishing (Cap Sub)



Cap Sub (aka the 'Caen Apnée et Pêche Subaquatique' – Caen's freediving and underwater fishing association) invites you to share its passion for one of the most noble and enchanting underwater sports.

This underwater diving club allows swimmers of all levels to get to know their inner fish! Before taking off on an out-at-sea adventure, you naturally have to prove your abilities to members of the association. Beginners can take an introductory dive in a number of pools throughout Calvados. More experienced freedivers, who already know a thing or two about static, dynamic or constant weight diving, will also be well taken care of. Whatever your expectations, the team of experienced instructors will guide and advise you, either for a short training course or a more complete set of diving lessons.



Languages spoken : English German Dutch
Pets allowed : no


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