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B.R.A.I.N l'Escape & Quiz Game Caen



?? **Welcome to Our Universe of Adventures and Mysteries ** ??

Immerse yourself in unique immersive experiences where each room transports you to a parallel world, filled with enigmas, suspense and thrills. Our facility offers a range of adventures for all ages and tastes, guaranteeing fun and adrenaline.

?? **Psychiatric**: Dare to face your fears in "Psychiatric", where you'll explore the dark secrets of an abandoned psychiatric hospital. This horror room, the first part of the Benjamin Nari story, will test your courage and team spirit. Prepare for a terrifying escape where every clue could be your salvation... or your undoing.

?? "Back to the 80's": Step back in time with "Back to the 80's", a fun, family-friendly room that takes you straight back to the decade of synthesizers, cassette tapes and arcades. Solve riddles inspired by this mythical era in a colorful, musical atmosphere. Perfect for an outing with friends or family, this nostalgic trip promises laughter and unforgettable memories.

?? "In Prison": Dive into a thrilling storyline with "In Prison", the second part of Benjamin Nari's adventure. After a daring escape, follow the clues left by Benjamin and navigate between cooperation and strategy to escape from a police station under high tension. This action-packed room, based on communication and teamwork, offers two levels of difficulty to test your limits.

"BUZZ YOUR BRAIN": a wacky TV show in our quiz room, full of zany humor and madness. Fun, interactive and offbeat, this QUIZ show stands out for its wacky questions, wacky tests and burlesque spirit. In a friendly atmosphere, this unique, fun-filled entertainment requires NO general knowledge, because we've gone all out for the humor!

With us, every escape room is an open door to a new adventure. Whether you're looking for thrills, nostalgia or puzzles to solve, our establishment promises an immersive, unforgettable experience. Prepare to be challenged, work as a team and discover captivating stories where you are the hero.

?? **Experience the Adventure, Solve the Mystery, and Write Your Own Story with us

Are you ready to explore the unknown and challenge yourself? Join us for an unparalleled adventure, where each escape room holds unique surprises and challenges. Come and discover what makes our establishment the ideal place for lovers of thrills and memorable adventures.



Base rate : Between 74,00 € and 144,00 €
Base rate : Between 84,00 € and 240,00 €
Base rate : Between 66,60 € and 129,60 €
: Between 15,00 € and 15,00 €
: Between 19,25 € and 19,25 €
Mean(s) of payments : Postal or bank cheques, Money transfer, Carte bleue, Cash, Eurocard - Mastercard, Visa, Holiday vouchers, Carte Tatoo, Contactless payment, Debit cards


Equipments & services : Car park, Toilets, Changing rooms
Languages spoken : English
Pets allowed : no


From Monday, January 1, 2024 to Tuesday, December 31, 2024

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