Atelier sur la Rivière



Installed since 2009 Sylvain Fezzoli is a craftsman and more precisely a ceramist. Having started by working in utilitarian ceramic stoneware, his work has always had a component of unique and artistic pieces. Sylvain Fezzoli's shapes and universe bring us back to nature whether it is bark, flowers or corals, light always plays a primordial role in his work. Designer and manufacturer of light fixtures and decorative objects in fine white porcelain inspired by organic and vegetal materials. Sylvain Fezzoli is a designer and manufacturer of luminaires and decorative objects in white porcelain. He uses the special properties of this ceramic to create fine pieces that are translucent to light. The search for elegant shapes inspired by nature gives his pieces an original and timeless character. The luminosity of his porcelain luminaires is soft and creates a soothing atmosphere in an interior. By appointment, discover her creations at the workshop or simply watch the artist at work. Catalogue online.

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